Copier Lease Or even Buy — Perfect Choice?

The copier market is one of the very thriving businesses and sales records show that over 1.5 million copiers are sold on the market every year. However, companies often have to allocate a sizable sum to purchase copiers. The average business copier could cost between $5,000 and $10,000 and can go around $40,000 for the most advanced model. Considering the cost figures, and issues such as maintenance related to copiers, you inevitably need to choose whether to purchase or lease a copier.

The main what to be looked at while investing in a copier would be the capital involved, maintenance, and the issue of the system being outdated when new models arrive Commercial printer. As the copier industry is technology driven with an increase of and more advancements coming day-by-day, a one time investment for a copier won’t guarantee peace of mind for the buyer. The model that was bought some years back may become obsolete now. This leads us to the only real other option available – leasing.

The principal advantage of copier leasing is that the capital investment required in investing in a new machine could be saved. The quantity could possibly be used for creative purposes such as strengthening your customer support, recruiting new service personnel, etc. As the leased copiers are charged on a per-copy basis, the total cost involved is highly limited.

Copiers are offered maintenance by the lease firm itself and your company doesn’t need to concern yourself with finding service staff for the equipment. Other benefits range from the direct tax savings because the leased equipment is considered a tax-deductible overhead expense. The possibility of upgrading outdated equipment with a fresh one is completely cost effective. If you’re content with the performance of the system, lease firms give you the option to either buy the apparatus or renew the lease period. You can also simply return the item back if you are finding the apparatus is no longer needed.

These advantages would certainly cause you to go for the copier lease plan. Nothing beats leasing for a hassle-free use and updating of copiers and other technologically advanced equipment.

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