Don’t Sell Coaching Clients – Attract Them




Getting new coaching clients is the great challenge for all coaches. It does not matter how long you have been coaching or how good of a coach you are. You have to market your coaching business and attract new clients because you will always have clients who no longer need coaching and those who must stop coaching for a variety of reasons. The challenge is how to attract those new clients in a way that feels comfortable for you and is effective.agence de publicité Québec


Attraction marketing vs. Push Marketing


Most coaches think of push marketing or old school sales when they hear the words coach-marketing plan. You know what I am talking about. The old sales marketing that promotes what you have to sell by focusing on your product, your credentials, and your methods. Using this type of marketing, you tell the clients why they need to change and how you make that change happen. No wonder this type of marketing is difficult for most coaches; it is pushy!


Attraction marketing brings clients to you or pulls them toward you by offering learning opportunities and information that will be attractive to the person who may need or want your services.


Be a Resource before a Vendor


When you employ attraction marketing, you become a resource for potential clients. You provide them with attractive, useful and interesting information that draws their interest and draws them to you and your services. Coaching clients have a need and they have a desire to fill that need but they may not know exactly how to go about it.


The needs of clients in any target-coaching niche are similar. All clients dealing with relationship issues have a troubled relationship and suffer negative consequences because of the problems they experience. When you know your target niche and you are an expert in that niche then you can easily list the challenges, needs, and desires that people in your target niche face. By addressing those challenges and enumerating them, your potential clients are attracted to you because they know you understand them. By recognizing those challenges and offering solutions, you become attractive to potential coaching clients and they seek your help.

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