What is the alcohol limit specified by Thai traffic law?

The alcohol limit when driving the car in Thailand


Every country, whether Thai and international, has its own traffic rules and regulations in place to prevent and control traffic problems. In Thailand, there is a land traffic act that all drivers, both Thai and foreign, must comply in order to avoid police penalties. There is a blood alcohol limit for drivers in Thailand since alcohol may easily cause a car accident on the road and can make the driver dead in the worst-case scenario.

In general, if the alcohol limit in the driver’s blood surpasses 50 milligram percent, it may indicate that you are drunk. However, there are four types of drivers who are considered intoxicated if the quantity of alcohol in their blood exceeds 20 milligrams per deciliter.


  1. People who are under the age of 20.
  2. People with a temporary driver’s license, notably a two-year license.
  3. People who have different types of driver’s licenses that are not interchangeable.
  4. People whose driver’s license has been revoked.


So, if you are one of these four types of people above, the amount of alcohol in your blood cannot exceed 20 milligrams percent.


If you are drunk and drive, you may receive the penalty in every case without any excuse. You may need to pay a fine or imprisonment, or both.

1.      Drink and drive

In this situation, the penalty is imprisonment for no more than one year, a fine of 5,000-20,000 Baht, and a suspended or revoked driver’s license for more than six months.

2.      Causing the third party bodily injuries

          When you are drunk, you may lose consciousness, causing other people to suffer bodily injury. In this situation, you might be imprisoned for 1-5 years, fined 20,000-100,000 Baht, and have your driver’s license suspended for more than a year or cancelled immediately.

3.      Causing the third party seriously bodily injury

In this scenario, if you cause serious injury to another person, such as temporary disability, you may be imprisoned for no more than 2-6 years, fined 40,000-120,000 Baht, and your driver’s license suspended for more than 2 years or revoked immediately.

4.      Causing the third party death

In this situation, you might be imprisoned for 3-10 years, fined 60,000-200,000 Baht, and your license canceled immediately. It is against Thai tradition and the law.


These are the alcohol limits for drivers and the penalties that are specifically written in Thailand’s land traffic laws that you must follow. Before driving in any nation, you must comprehend and be familiar with all of its requirements.


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