The Samsung LED TV UN46B8000 What’s All the Fuss About 55 Inches

Samsung LED TV UN46B8000 Full HD 1080P Ultra Slim TV

I think it’s fair to say that LED Television is here to stay and it’s pretty obvious to see why when you check out the Samsung LED TV UN46B8000. It is undoubtedly a leader in the field.

On the Samsung LED TV UN46B8000 LED screen, 43au7700 minute details are captured in perfect vivid detail on each and every frame. And, picture edge-blur has been totally eradicated as every single pixel delivers amazing full, deep, rich color.

The Samsung LED UN46B8000 is one of the cleanest, most elegant tv’s I have seen, although the same can be said for the entire Samsung’s LED TV Series 8.

I found the picture produced to stunningly true to life, it’s like looking through a perfectly clean pane of glass!

For ultimate picture performance you need the 3 Cs: Contrast, Color and Clarity. The Samsung LED TV UN46B8000 has them all – in abundance.

The Samsung LED TV UN46B8000 – Amazing Picture Clarity and Quality

The Samsung UN46B8000 LED TV uses Samsungs amazing Mega Contrast Ratio feature which brings out all the shades of grey. It also uses a Wide Colour Enhancer Pro with LED gamut which makes sure that each and every pixel (yes pixel, not just “screen area”) is bright and vibrant giving you a stunning overall picture quality. This enables the tv to display a wider range of natural colours and provide greater depth, especially in the dark range resulting in a truly brilliant contrast.

This TV also utilises the 100Hz Motion Plus technology which totally removes edge-blur. This means your picture remains smooth and crisp – no matter how frantic the action gets. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched tennis, football or an action movie on a Samsung 8 Series LED Television.

In a nutshell… the Samsung LED UN46B8000 is a stunning. Image quality is great in standard definition, but to get the absolute best from this TV plug in a 1080p HD input it just comes alive!

And… It’s only 29 mm deep – incredible! It also looks just as good off as it does on so, it doubles up as a nice looking piece of furniture too.

As if this TV wasn’t good enough, it’s also good for the environment as well. Why? Well, because it uses LED technology it uses much less energy than its predecessor LCD and Plasmas.

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