Using House Movers When Downsizing

There are a lot of retired people who live in large homes who decide to move to a smaller home. When the person finally makes this decision they will need to use house movers because it will not be that much different than a regular house move. Of course if they have lived in that large house for many years it will probably be filled with lots of stuff and much of the stuff will not be needed or even used in a smaller home.

House movers do a great job at what they do but actually making decisions about what should stay or go is not one of their normal tasks. When a person does make this decision they should get some assistance when they decide what goes. If there is nearby family then they should enlist their help with the move. If a person is older they certainly move more slowly so they will need assistance during this process. If the person is living alone they could call a senior center or perhaps a local scout troop to see if they can get some volunteers to help or ask a neighbor to help. This may also be a good way to find a home for some of the unwanted furniture.

So, where ever the assistance comes from this will be a time consuming process. If it is a multi story home they should begin in one of the areas that are not used very much like some of the storage areas like the attic or basement. These areas may not have been visited very often and may be homes to various animals or bugs so be prepared if you start moving around dusty boxe house mover s because they are good hiding places for spiders and other varmints. Many of the things that are uncovered may be mementos of a past time but the person moving must keep in mind they are moving to a smaller home and they cannot take everything with them. It might help to sort out things and then choose the most important memories or items.

Once the items have been sorted out in these places then it is time to begin in the cupboards and closets which are also typical black holes for storage of items. Before you bring in any house movers to give an estimate you will have to have sorted through much of the stuff. You cannot get a realistic moving estimate unless the estimator has a realistic idea of what is actually being moved. This means that you will have to begin this process as soon as the decision to downsize is made.

After all the rest of the storage places are finished with you should begin with large items like the furniture. Having a visual layout of the new home will help with the decisions of what can be moved and what will stay behind. As soon as you get those items not to be moved tagged then call the house movers for an estimate.

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